Welcome back fans and players. We are beginning the process of the new season. The schedule is complete (see Schedule Page) and we are now in the process of getting our players and sponsors for the upcoming season. We also have created a board of directors to help get this season off to a great start. Thank you to Bob LeMieux, John and Michael Robbins, Pat Bertrand, Tom Wilkins, and Tyler and Roger Brown. With the help of these people, i look forward to a terrific season both on and off the field. Our Manager, Paul Wilmet is in the process of filing a roster and will get them ready for the season. If you are interested in playing or being a part of the organization, please use the contact page listed to the left and we will get in touch with you. Thank you to everyone for the past help and really looking forward to the future. Bruce VandenPlas.

!!!!!!!!! BIG NEWS!!!!!

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ALSO: See us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GreenBayStormBaseball


There are many advertising opportunities for you if you so desire to become part of the team. Please check with us through the "Contact Us" link on the side bar or check out the "Sponsors" link for more information.


The mission of this Corporation shall be to offer to individuals, ages eighteen (18) and older, the opportunity to play organized baseball in a competitive atmosphere, and to further enhance the baseball community in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


The Green Bay Storm is an amateur baseball team that began in 2004. After our inaugural season, we were accepted into the Northeastern Wisconsin Baseball League for the 2005 season and our schedule has reflected this change ever since. We are extremely excited about our affiliation with the Northeastern League and hope that you, the fans of baseball, will also enjoy the competition among all of the Northeastern teams. We certainly hope that you will follow the Green Bay Storm throughout the season and enjoy the play as well as the atmosphere at VandenPlas Field during our upcoming season. We also hope that you enjoy this web site and all it has to offer. See you at the ball field this summer.